NURAHCOM involved in IT and Telecommunication services, its principal focus lies in providing IT solutions and services build or developed on leading industry technology vendor’s resources.

In today’s glorified era of IP based communication, IT is inevitably a functional back bone for communication interface and switching fabric for Corporate, Telco’s and Carriers. Understanding the fact that IT and Telecom goes hand in hand, NURAHCOM delivers a wide range of IT &Telecommunication services ranging from basic equipment supplies to professional services.

As its core business engagement in IT infrastructure development NURAHCOM provides extensive Data Center solutions, Networking solutions, Data protection and recovery solutions, Business continuity and HA solutions, Data storage solutions, Converged network solutions-Data/Voice/Video, Security solutions-unified threat management , RFID solutions etc., on the sidelines company is actively involved in hardware supplies and installation services.

Our services includes annual maintenance contracts, service level agreements, operations support systems-OSS, professional Services, functional consultancy, On call services, Hardware supplies and other value added services as to serve the end-user IT services platform.

NURAHCOM is a professionally managed company with highly motivated, enthusiastic, qualified experienced IT professionals, the technical team posses leading technology vendor’s certifications as a competency qualification for perfect deployment of resources ensuring business continuity averting information system outage. Counting on its competencies and vendor partnerships NURAHCOM is capable of providing end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions for SMB’s and Enterprise with lower TCO, higher ROI and increased operational efficiencies.

We enjoy partnership with industry leading technology vendors and each of our solution is designed by vendor certified presales team. Our solutions offerings are robust and resilient with compelling value proposition offering tremendous amount of value to end-user IT infrastructure with implied competitive advantages and increased profits.